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Complete Guide: How To Open a PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Funds In Nigeria | Withdraw Your Funds Straight To Your Naija Bank Account! No Stories!!

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Why I created this Video Guide ๐Ÿ’š

The Fact that I'm a Nigerian Should Not Deny me of using Some Services online. It is so sad that the online community sees every Nigerian as a Scam. NO I am not! And I guess you are not either!!

"The thing de pain me". So I can no longer do business online because of their misconstrued perception of me? And I say No to that. As a youth who earns and makes a living online through freelancing and selling of my skills, after struggling to register on freelance platforms, struggle to find gigs and jobs, perform these tasks as an expert, get paid in hard currency, only for me to face a lot of challenges to withdraw my own funds and have access to it? My own funds o! Haba!!

Living in Naija is a struggle enough, "abeg make no body add to our sufferness. e haff do!" Must I use VPN to do everything? Hell No! So this Video guide was created as a way of helping we Nigerians to Open a PayPal account here in Nigeria, Send and receive funds and even withdraw to your local bank account ( Access, Zenith, GTB, in fact any bank of your choice, if you have Sambisa bank, "add am join"...hahaha)

This Step by step guide will guide you on how to set up you Nigerian PayPal Account with no restrictions. I repeat, NO RESTRICTIONS!!

This is what Nigerians who have used this Guide have to say...

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What you will Get in this Video ๐Ÿ’š

  • Create FULLY VERIFIED PayPal account here for you in Nigeria.
  • No VPN needed (easy and straight forward)
  • Special ATM card you must use to withdraw and how to get it easily (ignore this and you you won't be able to withdraw forever!)
  • Login from your normal browser ( You fit use Corona Browser, no
  • You can receive funds from any country without restriction
  • You can send funds to any country without restriction
WORTH OVER $28 (N12,000)

What Some Nigerians are saying ๐Ÿ’š

ecom cartel testimonial
ecom cartel testimonial
ecom cartel testimonial
ecom cartel testimonial
ecom cartel testimonial
ecom cartel testimonial
naija paypal

โ‡’ย  Save yourself from third party escrow and merchants, that will direct you to their Whats-app and finish you off there. Scammers as some people will tag them.

โ‡’ย  Save yourself from selling your funds cheap, use Central Bank of Nigeria Standard exchange rate!

โ‡’ This video guide is just to help you be in CHARGE!

For Today only, just pay a token fee of N2,500 to gain access.


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