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"Prepare Your Favourite POUNDED YAM in Only Few Minutes Without any Stress With the Smart Home Yam Pounding Machine Which Also Performs Other Food Blending Functions "

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Everything for this life no be stress... biko upgrade your Sweetheart kitchen to the latest technology 😍

Save Time And Energy

Let this  Amazing Machine do the Job

Haba… There are Better ways to pound your Delicious Yam

Let this  Amazing Machine do the Job

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The Yam Pounder and Food Processor For The Modern Woman

  • As you know, time is priceless and you shouldn’t waste time doing something that so many other women have moved on from.
  • I can imagine how broad the smile on your face will be when your husband hurries back home from work because his favourite pounded yam or fufu dish you prepared for him is waiting for him alongside that egusi soup you know how to cook.
  • Stop allowing these bukkas do things you can do on your own. Quit letting them take the glory for something you can do for yourself. Take control of your home!
  • Well, like I stated above, if you are an open-minded woman like the over 5, 000 women and 3, 000 men that have purchased this pounding machine from us, then you need this in your kitchen. I call it the Ultimate Stress-Reliever.
  • If you would like to eat your pounded yam or fufu stress-free within FEW minutes, then this is for you.
  • Easy to install and clean up. Very durable.
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things this Powerful Machine Can do for You

💓 Yam Pounder

💓 Make Smoothies

💓 chop your vegetables

💓 Beans Grinder

💓 Mince meat

💓 crush and grind nuts and seeds


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What you see is what you will get! 6 Litres food processor for big madam 🥰

Still not convinced? oya watch this video below to see the many things this machine will help you do in the kitchen!👇

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