Setup your Shopify Store For FREE without Ever Paying Anything!

If You Are Reading this Right Now, then Congratulations because You Just Saved Yourself a Whooping $348 (N149,640) a Year!

You might be wondering How, When, Where?

Well Shopify is inaguably the best platform to host your online business if you want to be selling items.

And I'm 100% sure you are interested in Setting up your shopify Store Yourself and oh yes...getting it for FREE also.

Now Using Shopify comes with a Price tag attached to it! $29 (N12,470) monthly subscription fee...hahaha

Nobody starting out fresh on a business would want to pay such fees, NO! Not even almighty Dangote!!

Goodnews is that it is very much possible. You can setup your Store Yourself and For Free Too! Don't Rush, Just Follow me...This Video simplifies heverything.

This secret will teach you how to create your Shopify store just like what you see in the video
ecom cartel practical step by step

Disclaimer: This is not “Get A Shopify Store Without Subscription Fee Until 50 Sales”

What you will be getting is: “Get A Shopify Store Without Subscription Fee Until Forever Guaranteed!”

What makes these SECRET very powerful is that you can create your own store for FREE even if you have not done anything online before, I repeat, ANYTHING ONLINE BEFORE!


  • I promised myself not to talk much or even type much because what I'm giving you is what a lot of People are paying N12,470 every month for (if you don't know this, then you will have no choice but to cough out this amount monthly just to subscribe and use Shopify service)
  • "Who no like better thing" Why will you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $29/month when there is a test prove method to take and get same results (you will not only be shown how to get free shopify store for your business, but a practical workthrough on how to setup everything for FREE!)
  • What differentiates you from the REST is this information and step by step guide you are about to get.(It will transform totally and make simple the way you set up your business online.)
  • Now as a newbie or someone starting off online for the first time or that is going into e-commerce for the first time, it will be hard coughing out $29 (N12,470) every month just to use a service even if you have not made any sale. Also this money is also valid if you don’t use any other app. But you must install other app which means that the monthly fee is likely to be more than the $29. You need apps to give your store additional functionalities, so you cannot do without it.
  • Why don’t you save your “hass” a cruelsome yearly subscription fee of $348! Yeah, it’s as high as that o ($29 x 12) then multiplied by the number of years your store will be up. At least you don't want to quit after a year! No serious business person does that.
  • Now wait for it, this monthly fee is not all o, in fact it’s just the beginning as you will have to pay for every single app (or plugin) that you use. Installing Oberlo app alone comes with its own monthly subscription fee of about $30. So add that up and do the math.
  • One other most annoying thing that makes me more “hangry” with paid Shopify plan is that they still charge you a certain percentage for every single order that is made on your store. GOSH! Charges everywhere. One begin to ask: I’m I really into e-commerce or e-enslavement.
  • Hell no. I will not pay all those “houtrageous” fees. Not while I’m still a Nigerian or not when I never blow. Even if I don blow, I’d rather donate my money to Federal Government…lol
  • It sounds funny, but that is the truth. What I’m about to offer you will require you to setup your store in Shopify without paying any subscription nonsense. This setup will guide you on what apps to install, so you can get your orders here in Nigeria or any other African Country.
  • Remember you don’t need any special anything like browser, or VPN or any crazy requirement that some people will ask you to get. Na…You don’t need all those. It is very much legit and it is not a cheat! Take Note!!
  • This Package will not only Show you how to setup your FREE shopify Store, but will also show you how to add your Products and create Professional Product pages that will make your customers buy from you. (Alright, its just a token and not even up to the massive value you will be getting.)
ecom cartel practical step by step
Learn how to Build a Store Like this for FREE!

Over 4 Hours of Added Value!


  • Complete Step-by-Step simple well laid out practical video course to Setup your Free Shopify Store.
  • Build and Create your first highly converting ecommerce online store (this will make a website designer jealous)
  • Most important settings to make on your store (ignore this and your store will remain invisible!)
  • Become a shopify wizard by understanding the interface like a PRO ( Orders, Products, Collections, Analytics, Discounts)
  • Show you two Premium important apps you must install and how to get it for Free (your store cannot do without these apps)
  • A particular app you can use to receive orders directly to your email inbox
  • How to install apps so you are not CHARGED
  • How to Create Collections and add unique Products to it.
WORTH OVER $167 (N72,000)
what you will get


Powerful Premium Screen Recorder, same I use in making all my videos (Better than Camtasia Studio!)

Value: $39 (N16,770)

Magic Video File Compression Software and can compress 1 Gig video to 100 MB
(It will SHOCK you!)

Value: $23 (N9,890)

100% Complete Guide: How To Open, Send And Receive PayPal Funds In Nigeria totally for Free
(Legit and Working, No Stupid VPN!)

Value: $9 (N4,000)

How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads that brings in Massive Sales (same mad Strategy that I use)


Value: $42 (N18,060)

Now Settle down and do the Math of all what I'm giving you!

Just remember to take action after getting this, MOST IMPORTANT!

Now a lot of people will come after me because I'm taking their jobs away. The Web designer and the rest that have kept this vital secret and information from you.

ecom cartel practical step by step
Walk Through in Designing Your First Store Yourself!

FACT: This Video Secret guide is Worth over N25,000, but I'm giving it to you at a Wicked discount of 90%.

Now I know they will surely CRUCIFY me but I don’t care…hahaha

For Today only, just pay a token fee of N2,500 to gain access.


A lot of times , you will be reminded of how you have used N5k to buy Shawarma and Ice-cream, bla bla bla. Like seriously? Is it their money? lol…And the last I checked, It’s your life, your decision.

Just do yourself a favor, get this Value Filled Video Secret guide also.

Get This Video Course for Just N2,500

N2,500 | Retail: N25K | Save 90%

This Offer comes with 150% money back guarantee. And it is what some few coded e-commerce guys are using to make sales right here in Nigeria.

And I ask again: “who no like better thing”

Other Business Minded People are using this Secrets to build and Develop their online Store

ecom cartel testimonial
ecom cartel testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Guarantee?

Yep…all our products have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

How Do I Get This Video Master Course?

This is “On-demand” content that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted and confirmed, you will receive an email with a link where you’ll be able to access the full video course.


The video is a guide on how to setup your Shopify store for FREE without ever Paying anything. 


You will get full support from start to finish. Get direct access to me until you start crushing.

Just do me a favor, to come back and leave us a positive feedback…lol


Do you need to know Code or become a Website Designer to use this guide?

The answer is NO! None at all!!


When you get this video course, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you ask will be answered within a day or two – MAX! 

Just post your concern in the group, me, my team members or some gurus in the group will answer you.


An easy way to get your program now is to pay through PayStack Online. After Payment Online of N2,500 with your ATM Card… You’ll be redirected to the member’s page to get your program and bonuses even if it’s 12 midnight!

Pay Through Bank Transfer

If you’re afraid of paying online with your ATM Card, then you can pay into my personal bank account.


Bank Account: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Name: Onuzurike Chukwuagozie

Account Number: 0216413570


Send a message with your name and email to or Send WhatsApp Message or SMS or Call My Assistant on 07035199394 get your course through the link we would send.

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